Laser squad

old good tactical games online

What I need to play the game?

Modern browser and computer. Generally, if you can watch YouTube, you can play Laser Squad here.

I almost broke my keyboard, but nothing happens

If you press the keys, but game didn't react at all, probably you use any browser except Internet Explorer. This is good, but you must click with mouse on game to allow game to catch keys.

The game is slow as hell

Flash emulator need a powerful computer, but today almost every computer has such power (2GHz processor and 1Gb RAM). If you didn't try to play game at very old computer, just close some programs and browser tabs.

Ok. Good. But how to play? 

First of all, decide: do you want to play with computer (press 1 on keyboard) or with friend (press 2).
Than select difficulty from 1 (easy) to 4 (hard).
Select appropriate armour using UP and DOWN keys. Press SPACE to move to next character.

Warning: once selected, armour can't be changed.
Use UP and DOWN keys to move between characters and objects.

Use LEFT and RIGHT keys to select object when OBJECT highlighted.

Use RIGHT to add object and LEFT to remove it when character highlighted.
When you finish with guns and ammo selection, press SPACE twice.
Use arrow keys to scroll map.
Find red "D" suares and deploy your soldiers using SPACE key.
Press SPACE to start game.

In game use cursor keys to move cursor and control characters and SPACE to select character or menu item. 

Read more in original manual.