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The Assassins

The Marsec corporation manufactures the best weapons in the galaxy, but its boss, Sterner Regnix, uses unsavoury methods to extract the best from his top scientists. The use of mind control drugs and cybernetic implants is widely used, but officially denied by Marsec. The inter–stellar Trading Standards Authority is powerless to intervene. A small band of ex–employees have decided to assassinate Sterner Regnix. They have located his private home on the planet CX–1 and will stop at nothing until Sterner is dead.

You are playing for the Assassin Squad (with five soldiers) and your opponent (or computer) plays for the Droid Squad (with five droids and Sterner Regnix).

If you are playing for the Droid Squad, you can equip only one person – Sterner Regnix. Other five droids will be equiped with M7000 blaster. Also Assassin Squad must eliminate only Sterner Regnix, but Droid Squad must eliminate all soldiers from Assassin Squad.